Good Oral Hygiene on the Go

Are you planning to travel this holiday season? Many people look forward to visiting loved ones out of state or exploring a new city this time of year. Though you may look forward to a break from your routine, plaque will not stop affecting your dental health.

When you travel, you still need to practice proper oral hygiene to prevent plaque and other harmful residues from hurting your teeth. Planning ahead for this dental care will ensure your smile will continue to look and feel its best on your trip. Read on to find three tips from your dentist to stick to a good oral hygiene routine during your vacation.

oral hygiene tips from Clarkston Michigan dentist

Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene While Traveling

Keep Hygienic Supplies on Hand

Your oral hygiene supplies are likely high on your packing list before you leave for your trip since you use these items every day. But once you put your toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss in your suitcase, you cannot always access it again. Your luggage might be checked on a plane during a long flight or locked in a hotel room as while you sightsee.

But if you skip your oral hygiene routine, plaque will remain on your teeth and start to eat away at your dental structure. This could leave you with irreversible damage to your teeth.  

Prevent these dental problems by keeping some oral hygiene supplies on hand. Floss in your pocket or purse, for instance, will allow you to clean your teeth when needed.

Plan Healthy Snack Options

You might look forward to home-cooked family dinners or trying a new restaurant on your trip. But even with some meals planned, you should also take snacking into account. Consider packing snacks before you leave for your vacation that are good for your teeth.

Otherwise, you might feel tempted to cave into cravings that might hurt your smile. For instance, sugary treats might taste great, but sugar can erode your tooth enamel and put you in danger of forming cavities.

Try keeping nuts or dried fruits on hand that you can snack on when needed. These can help you keep your smile healthy. Avoid added sugar whenever possible to protect your smile.

Continue Drinking Plenty of Water

You know that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. This helps you to stay hydrated and prevent medical problems. But when you stray from your usual schedule, it can be easy to forget to drink the water that you need.

If you become dehydrated, you can develop dry mouth, a condition that will raise your risk of contracting oral infections like gum disease. This infection of the gum tissue can cause major dental damage, including permanent harm like tooth loss. If you want more information on how we treat gum disease, visit Periodontal Disease Treatment.

Staying hydrated will fight dry mouth and prevent these serious dental problems. One way you can drink the water you need to on the go is to pack an easy-to-carry water bottle. This way, you can have constant access to water to stave off dehydration.