Dental Services Clarkston MI

At Clarkston Dental Care, we offer comprehensive dental services for our patients. Dr. Michael Sesi is a family dentist who collaborates with patients of all ages to find the best solutions to their dental problems. In addition, he works with general dentist Dr. Jordan Rabban to deliver high-quality care using the latest in dental technology.

If you’re looking for a dental practice that continues to strive for outstanding and comfortable service, contact our office. Here, you can discover more about Clarkston Dental Care with the dental services we provide in Clarkston, MI.

Dental Services in Clarkston, Michigan

Dental Services in Clarkston, MI

We provide cosmetic, general, and restorative dental care under one roof. Our full services include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our cosmetic dental services improve the aesthetics of the smile:

  • Invisalign: Clear Invisalign aligners straighten the smile. Unlike traditional dental braces, Invisalign offers discreet and quick treatment. Invisalign is a great orthodontic option for patients with misaligned or crooked teeth. 
  • Porcelain Veneers: Veneers are ultra-thin porcelain ceramic shells that we bond to the front of teeth. Dental veneers can treat tooth gaps, discoloration, and dental injuries.
  • Dental Bonding: Tooth bonding treatment uses biocompatible material that can create brighter and more aligned smiles. We recommend bonding treatment for patients with more minor cosmetic problems. 
  • Teeth Whitening: In-office and take-home whitening with Opalescence can brighten the smile by multiple shades. We may also recommend veneers or bonding treatment for patients with intrinsic stains. 

General Dentistry

With general dental care, we help patients maintain their oral health:

  • Custom Mouthguard: Sports mouthguards prevent dental injuries and tooth loss. Additionally, we can also customize your sports mouthguard if you have braces or other oral appliances.
  • Emergency Dentistry: Contact us in the event of a dental emergency. We provide prompt treatment for patients with toothaches, broken restorations, and knocked-out teeth in our office.
  • Family Dentistry: Our family dental office helps patients of all ages receive proper dental care. For younger patients, we offer sealants and fluoride treatment. We also help patients care for their smiles as they age.
  • Tooth Extraction: Sometimes, patients need to remove permanent teeth in the case of a severe infection, impaction, or even overcrowding. Our dentists ensure that patients feel comfortable during their extraction procedure. We also offer restorations after patients are healed and require replacement teeth. 
  • Sleep Apnea: If you snore, experience insomnia, or wake up with headaches, we can provide a sleep apnea screening. We will often recommend oral appliance therapy for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea. 

Restorative Dentistry

Our restorative dental solutions improve the full function of the smile:

  • Dental Bridge: A bridge fills the gap left by multiple consecutive missing teeth. While traditional bridges require support from natural teeth, we offer implant-supported bridges that replace teeth at the root.
  • Dental Crown: Dental crowns are caps that cover and protect single teeth. Crowns may cover damaged and worn teeth as well as dental implants. Our crowns are porcelain ceramic, which easily blends in with the color and shape of natural teeth.
  • Dental Implants: Implants are a versatile restoration that can secure a dental bridge, denture, or tooth crown. A dental implant is a sturdy titanium post that supports restorations at the root. Dental implants are permanent as long as patients care for their restorations, natural teeth, and gums.
  • Dentures & Partials: Our dental office offers partial and complete dentures for patients missing rows or arches of permanent teeth. While traditional dentures are removable, we recommend implant-supported dentures to create a stable bite.
  • Periodontal Disease Treatment: Our deep cleanings can remove plaque and tartar that cause gum disease. Please get in touch with our dental office if you have swollen, bleeding, or receding gums.
  • TMJ Treatment: Wearing a nightguard can prevent tooth wear and jaw pain due to TMD. Temporomandibular joint disorders can cause chronic headaches, jaw pain, and toothaches.

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