Teeth Whitening Clarkston, MI

Do you have healthy teeth but want a brighter smile? Teeth whitening offers cosmetic dental care that brightens the natural tooth enamel. At Clarkston Dental Care, we offer teeth whitening with Opalescence in our Clarkston, MI dental office.

We can also provide teeth bonding or porcelain veneers if patients have tough tooth stains. Veneers and bonding treatment also benefit patients with intrinsic tooth stains. These stains are inside the tooth. Many patients have intrinsic stains if they have a dental injury or tooth wear.

The dentin beneath the outer enamel can make teeth appear discolored. We can help you find the right whitening treatment, whether you have intrinsic or extrinsic tooth stains.

Tooth Whitening Treatment in Clarkston, Michigan

Causes of Tooth Discoloration

There are many ways patients can develop discolored or yellowed tooth enamel:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene: Brushing and flossing twice a day can help remove plaque from the teeth and gums. Plaque, a bacterial film that can build up in the mouth, may change the color of teeth. In addition, stains from foods and drinks cause discoloration in patients who do not brush or floss enough. 
  • Foods and Drinks: Some foods and beverages contain chromogens, or pigments that attach to the enamel. These pigments discolor teeth over time. Berries, tomatoes, coffee, tea, and wine contain chromogens. 
  • Tobacco Use: Smoking cigarettes, vaping, and using other tobacco products can easily yellow the tooth enamel. Nicotine is a common cause of yellow and darkened tooth enamel.
  • Medications: Dull or discolored teeth can be a side effect of some medications. Antihistamines, antipsychotics, and other medications can discolor the enamel.
  • Genetics: Some patients may be genetically predisposed to discolored teeth. Dentinogenesis imperfecta and amelogenesis imperfect can also create brittle teeth, which we can strengthen with restorative and cosmetic treatments. 

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Treatment in Clarkston, MI

Our in-office Opalescence treatment takes just under an hour to brighten teeth. First, we protect the gums to minimize sensitivity. Then, we apply the Opalescence whitening gel to each tooth. The gel contains hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates the tooth enamel.

During the whitening treatment, the oxygen molecules within the gel react with the molecules on the teeth. This treatment is chemically activated, which means we do not need to use LED lights or lasers to whiten the smile. After about fifteen to twenty minutes, we remove and then reapply the whitening gel. We repeat this process several times until we reach the desired result.

We also offer touch-ups and full take-home whitening with Opalescence. Our team will take impressions of your teeth to create custom whitening trays. We will provide you with a take-home whitening kit that includes custom trays and concentrated whitening gel. There are multiple concentrations available, so patients with sensitive teeth can receive whitening treatment. 

Brighten Your Smile

Do you want to brighten your smile? Call Clarkston Dental Care today at 248-985-2906. You can also request a dental consultation with our dentists online. Please ask us any questions about whitening treatment at your next appointment, and we will be happy to help.